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Christmas gift guide: Gen Z edition

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After this very long year I think we’re all in need of some Christmas cheer and festivities. Christmas can be an expensive time of year anyway without a global pandemic getting in the way; many families will struggle this year and not be able to afford any presents at all.

This gift guide is also proud to feature many small businesses, who in the current climate could really appreciate the extra support and love.

Whether you read this gift guide looking for ideas for yourself or someone else, I recommend you sit back, grab your favourite Christmas mug filled to the brim with hot chocolate, get snuggled under a fluffy blanket and read a Gen Z’s guide to Christmas gifting…

Candles but make them quirky

Candles of all shapes, sizes (and body shapes) have littered my Pinterest and Instagram feed recently and I’m not complaining. A lot of these candles seemed to have drawn ideas from the Scandinavian pastel style with its funky and eccentric twist on your regular waxy staple. I’d say these candles take the category of room décor rather than actual functioning candles (they’re just too pretty to burn).

Here’s where you can find them...

OtherYouShop (Etsy)

PastelPaletteCandle (Etsy)

HeavenlyEarthMiami (Etsy)

Ellis Home Studios

Sustainable gift ideas

More than ever, people are waking up to the idea of sustainability. Many are now opting to shop from sustainable brands and become more conscious when purchasing everyday items.

So this year, you may want to make your Christmas wish list a bit more sustainable and begin your journey to becoming a conscious consumer. Here are some ideas to get you started...

Reusable makeup pads

We all know how bad makeup wipes are for the environment, not to mention our skin (Skincare by Hyram is quaking). So why not switch to something that’s going to benefit your precious complexion whilst saving the planet too.

Reusable water bottle

Channel your inner VCSO girl and invest in a reusable water bottle or hydro flask, if you haven’t already, Brands like Chilly’s allow you to customise the colour, size and whether you want to add a carabiner and your initials. Bottles start from £15.

A Good Company

If you are wanting to make that sustainable switch in your life A Good Company is the perfect place to do so. Having recently discovered this website I’m amazed by the amount of products they have that you didn’t even know you could buy sustainably (toilet roll!). Obviously I’m not saying you should go and buy a pack of bog rolls for your best friend at Christmas, it’s just an example.

They offer notebooks made out of recycled stone, pens made out of grass, phone cases made from plastic waste that you can send back to the brand to be recycled into a new one, or plant in your own garden where it will biodegrade!

For the skincare, body and beauty lovers

Who doesn’t love to receive some new beauty bits at Christmas? I know I do! With so many products and brands out there it can be difficult to know what to buy for that beauty mogul in your life (or yourself hehehe). I’ve laid out my top 4 beauty brands that I know you will love too! Most of these won’t come as a surprise…

The ordinary

Famous for that red peeling mask you see all over TikTok, The Ordinary is a brand that gets straight to the point with skincare. If you can get past the chemistry lingo they love to use, their products will seriously transform your skin for the better.

If you’re looking to try out some of the products for the first time I definitely recommend buying a set. This one from Beauty Bay includes their squalane cleanser, salicylic acid, niacinamide and natural moisturiser all for £23!


Estrid are changing the shaving game with their innovative approach to body hair, they believe that shaving is a choice and if you do choose to shave they offer a super cheap option, all while being vegan friendly and cruelty free!

I think this would be a great addition to your Christmas list as not only are the razors super cute, but it also works as a subscription service where you can have fresh blades delivered to your door every month.

If you live in the US or Canada, a similar brand is My Billie. They offer virtually the same service with additionally beautiful razors. You can find them at


Known for its dreamy and effortless aesthetic, Glossier is the perfect brand to gift this Christmas - it’s also perfect to put on your own wish list! If you head to their site they already have a ‘shop our sets’ section, where you can find gift sets (big or small budget) for that skincare lover you know.

Function of Beauty

Similar to Estrid, Function of Beauty works in the same way as a subscription service, but this time it’s for your precious locks. Every month, 2 months or more you will receive your own personalised shampoo and conditioner catering to your own hair needs and desires; you can also throw in your own personalised leave-in treatment, hair mask or hair serum.

This would make the best Christmas present in my opinion, who doesn’t love a good hair treat once and awhile?

Bedroom GOALS

If you’re looking to spice up your bedroom as a Christmas present, then I’ve selected some of the best places to find your home decor…


If you haven’t seen the Scandinavian pastel interior aesthetic all over your Pinterest then have you been living under a rock? Just kidding, but seriously this aesthetic has been everywhere recently. Gustaf Westman’s whimsical designs and Matilda Djerf’s Instagram feed come to mind when describing this aesthetic. What other Swedish furniture shop comes to mind other than Ikea, though it may have to be virtually these days Ikea actually has some really nice things that fit perfectly with this aesthetic, here’s some I found below…

Even with the Ikea mirror you could try the DIY foam mirror that was a very popular thing to do during lockdown using polyurethane (PU) expanding foam which you can find at any hardware store, like this…


Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, there is a print for you on Desenio, you will definitely find something for your taste or someone else’s as a gift.

Trendy trainers and stylish sneakers

Chunky white dad trainers and Nike Air Force 1s are going nowhere anytime soon. Despite being popular all year round, this year’s Fall/Winter selection of sneakers have really upped their game. Here’s some of my personal faves…

Veja V10s

Rated 4/5 stars on the Good On You app, Veja is a French shoe brand believing in transparency, organic materials and an ethical trading system. The Veja V10s would make a perfect Christmas present as they are a classic sneaker that will be long-lasting in your sustainable wardrobe and go with every one of your trendy outfits. They retail for £115.

Reebok Club C 85s

Not only are these sneakers giving major 90s vibes but they also won’t be too hard on your feet during the day. Coming in over 30 colours, it’s no surprise that these shoes are very popular in the world of Instagram and Pinterest. They retail for £75, making it a worthy investment for a pair of long-lasting shoes that you’ll be able to wear with many looks.

Air Jordan 1s mid

The shoes can be seen as very love or hate, many influencers have been seen sporting these newly trendy sneakers and people are dying to get their hands on them. Many stores have sold out of them at the moment, but if you have a look on Depop you can find some really cool, custom pairs.

Give your old Air Force 1s a kaleidoscopic revival

While in lockdown many of us learnt new skills, so why not channel them into a unique Christmas gift? Custom Air Force 1s are so popular at the moment and you can get really creative and have fun with the blank canvas. This could be an ode to your favourite artist, aesthetic, interests etc. If you aren’t willing to risk ruining them, there are so many independent small businesses you can find on TikTok, Etsy, Instagram and Depop who specialise in customised designs; making a unique Christmas gift for a friend or family member.

Calling all coffee enthusiasts

If you know a caffeine lover or you are one yourself, I have rounded up some amazing presents this Christmas. Whether you're an espresso expert or prefer an iced brew, here’s some hot drink gifts perfect for you.

Milk frother

If you haven’t already invested in this quirky gadget now’s the time to be putting it on your wishlist. The possibilities are endless, from making a creamy hot chocolate, whisking your matcha and the obvious, making frothy milk for the perfect cappuccino. When looking to buy one of these I recommend heading over to Amazon for the best prices and deals, you can either get a handheld one, or a top of the range milk frother steamer.

Chamberlain Coffee

Why not treat someone to something from the queen of coffee herself. Emma Chamberlain has launched her own coffee range along with the perfect coffee accessories. There is also a section of her website dedicated to recipes like pumpkin spiced lattes and Emma’s favourite, a cold brew iced coffee. Not only is Chamberlain Coffee fairtrade and USDA Organic, but you will know you’re getting a proper cup of coffee with no strings attached.


Why not take Christmas as the excuse to finally try matcha? The creamy, fresh and leafy taste is something that can’t be described without actually tasting it. I will say it can either be a love or hate kind of thing - I’m personally obsessed with it, and this is coming from a gal who hates anything green and healthy.

I’d say Amazon is the best place to find the little pot of green goodness. If you’re buying this for someone who’s always wanted to try it, why not get them a little starter kit that has a whisk and bowl to kick start their matcha love story.

Cozy mug

Who doesn’t love a new mug at Christmas to put your favourite hot drink in? If you prefer a herbal tea why not add a chic glass teacup to your wish list, or a big ceramic mug for your caramel latte? Here’s some that I’ve rounded up...


I hope this gift guide was helpful and gave you some needed Christmas gift inspiration for either yourself or someone you know.

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I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Pictures are not mine unless stated otherwise

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