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DIY gallery wall

I've always thought gallery walls look so chic and they are perfect for spicing up an empty wall in your house that needs a bit of extra love.

There are so many print websites out there such as Desenio that offer beautiful prints to decorate your space, however, what if I told you that you could replicate the exact same pictures for free (and not have to wait 3-5 business days for the prints to arrive at your doorstep).

Here's how to do it:

STEP 1 - Find pictures on Pinterest or Instagram

The first thing you need to do is find the pictures you wan to use in your gallery wall, these pictures could be within a certain colour palette to match in with the room or a certain theme eg. black and white, or maximalist prints etc.

If you are wanting to create an all black and white themed gallery wall like me, don't worry if the photos you find on Pinterest or Instagram aren't in B&W already, you can change this later.

STEP 2 - Edit photos

You may want to edit your photos to go with a theme or colour palette, you also may want to enhance the photos or put a black and white filter on them.

Lightroom app Snapseed app

STEP 3 - Pic Collage app

After you've edited your photos go on to the Pic Collage app and open one of your photos. Make sure the page size is 4 X 6 (far left). Center the photo in the middle of the screen and make it slightly smaller (this is optional but I think it makes the photos look more professional and chic when they have a white rim around the edge).

Save the photos to your camera roll.

STEP 4 - Crop out Pic Collage watermark

Go on to Photos and crop out the Pic Collage watermark, here you will be able to see what the picture will look like when its printed off.

STEP 5 - Print them out on A4 paper for an A4 sized frame

Print out your pictures on A4 paper, make sure you have lots of ink you want your prints to look professional!

STEP 6 - Fit the pictures into their frames

Once you've printed your pictures out you can starting fitting them into your frames depending on their size you would like, I would recommend an A4 sized frame, click here for a set of 4 frames that are relatively cheap from Amazon.

You can also do a small picture frame like on the far right, just make sure when you put the pictures on pic collage you know the dimensions of the picture frame so when you print it out you just need to cut them out.

STEP 7 - Fit the frames to the wall or place them against a wall on a surface

This step is pretty self explanatory, I used nails and a hammer to hang them up but you can also use command hooks as well if you don't want to put a nail in the wall.

You can also lean them on a shelf if you're too lazy to hang them up (this method is hassle free!).


Thanks for reading, make sure to send me a pic if you recreate this and be sure to tag my Instagram @styleclicheblog.

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