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Glamourising the capsule wardrobe

This minimalist staple should be on everyone’s clothing agenda

The capsule wardrobe is no new concept to the minimalist mogul. In fact, your dad probably came up with the concept without even realising (seriously my dad has been wearing the same outfits ever since I’ve been alive lol).

So how have platforms like TikTok made the idea of a capsule wardrobe upmarket and the go-to essential for your life. With the rise of slow fashion and more and more people opting for quality investment pieces over trendy fast fashion, the capsule wardrobe could be a revolutionary idea for the Gen Zs getting into sustainable fashion.

Be a basic b*tch

Basic and capsule wardrobe are a word pairing you see a lot, but who said your capsule wardrobe’s basics had to be boring? Let me introduce you to elevated basics.

Elevated basics are pieces that add value to your wardrobe, they are versatile, quality and can also have that wow factor and interest. Take a classic black mini skirt, it's basic but also can be style in numerous ways and will never get boring. It's a piece that can work for any occasion too, which encourages me to find new ways to rewear it!

Mix and match it up

The key to having a successful capsule wardrobe is knowing how to actually style the pieces. Having all the gear but no idea will leave you uninspired and using the famous phrase “I have literally nothing to wear!”.

Leave it to these TikTok influencers who are the experts in capsule wardrobes:

  • @lulegret

  • @lvblackwell

  • @yasmin.brougham

  • @_iheikens

Now there is no set way you have to style your capsule wardrobe - which brings the fun to it! Dress up, dress down, layer or wear something formal with something informal.

Where to find your essentials

So you’ve made the decision to start your capsule wardrobe but you have no clue where to find your essentials, don’t worry babes I’ve got you. Here is a list I’ve compiled of the best places to shop for your capsule wardrobe (for all budgets):

  • Zara - despite being a fast fashion retailer, Zara will always have your back for basics that are good quality, chic and affordable. Some of my Zara basics in my capsule wardrobe have lasted me years and I reach for them all the time.

  • Charity shops - my personal fave for essentials. I remember earlier on this year I was looking for a basic white linen shirt and low and behold I found a Jaeger shirt in my local British Red Cross (score!). Always remember with charity shops to be patient and have a real good look. It’s also important to note that many donations are from older members of the community whose clothes are usually well made and have stood the test of time (yes grandad I mean your 10 piece sweater vest collection).

  • The wardrobe of mum and dad - have a rummage through your parents, grandparents or siblings wardrobes and see what you can find (obvs with their permission). You can either borrow, or even in my case rent for up to 2 years - sorry mum you’re not getting that jacket back.

Be authentically you

Looking at Pinterest may be a good source of inspiration for your capsule wardrobe, but you also have to make sure it suits you and your lifestyle! No point in investing in clothes you're not actually going to wear (my top tip is invest in loungewear cause you will live in it). Many stay away from starting a capsule wardrobe with the assumption that they’re ‘boring’, ‘only for minimalists’, or ‘too simple’, when in reality capsule wardrobes can be for any style. You just have to find pieces you love and you know are your essentials.

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All pictures used in this article were sourced from Pinterest and Instagram.

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