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My fave places to shop - in store and online

Shopping shopping shopping, this word brings much joy to my ears (maybe not my debit card). Nevertheless I think most of us can collectively agree that we all love shopping a bit too much.

With the online world taking over our shopping habits, its not a surprise that most of our favourite brands are in the form of apps. Despite this I still do enjoy the feeling of finding a really good bargain on the high street: seeing and being able to feel a piece of clothing will never be beat by any new tech innovation where you'll be able to see the clothes on your self without even trying it on.

As I am always trying to integrate more sustainable practices into my shopping habits, I will be including some more sustainable places to shop as well that I have either bought from before or planning to buy from in the near future.

1. Depop

Depop has recently sky rocketed into popularity again with all the trendy vintage clothes that the app offers, and with thousands of sellers on the app you'll never get lost for choice. One of my favourite things about Depop is that there is so many unique pieces that which would usually be quite difficult to find in a charity shop or a thrift store, Depop lays out all for you like scrolling through your feed on Instagram.

Here are my favourite sellers at the moment:

• @secondifevintage

• @vintagesisters_

• @hollyberry_

• @slowgarments

• @emilybrxdford

Pictures in order from top to bottom 🔽

2. ASOS 

ASOS is the online metropolis for all your shopping needs. Stocking over 850 brands on the website, no wonder it’s a go-to for many shopaholics. 

Some of my favourite brands on ASOS include:

• ASOS Design

• Collusion

• Weekday

• True Violet

• Reclaimed Vintage

3. Zara 

It'll probably comes as no surprise when I say Zara is one of my favourite shops both in store and online, despite the confusing website design I actually prefer shopping on the Zara app (its much easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for). 

I absolutely adore the high-end style pieces that the brand offers, as it emulates designers such as Dior, Jacquemus, Bottega Veneta and many more, which is probably why it is a cult favourite for many clothes lovers out there as it captures so many styles in a beautiful fashion. 

Here's some things in my wish list at the moment:

4.  Sabo Skirt (

This lovely shop is a new discovery for me and I'm obsessed with its laidback, cottage core style, beachy vibe that is perfect for summer.

Sabo skirt began as a fashion blog in 2010 and launched as an online store in 2011. Today, they are a leading Australian online store, label and social media success story.

5.  H&M - Conscious collection

H&M’s Conscious collection includes pieces created with a little extra consideration for the planet. They're made from at least 50% sustainably sourced materials – like organic cotton and recycled polyester. I love H&M conscious for its basic pieces as the quality is really nice and you know that they will last a long time in your wardrobe and they won’t go out of style as you can wear them in loads of ways.

H&M aims for all their products to be made from recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030, which already applies to 57% of the materials that they use.  

H&M's Conscious collection is available in store and online.


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