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My July favourites

For me July has been a very notable month in terms of discovering new favourites. This month has also proven to be a huge milestone month for me as I gained over 700 followers over the course of July (just hit a 1000 followers on the 1st of August!) and it has also been the month I started this blog. I just want to say thank to everyone for your continued support this month and a huge thank you to everyone who has sat down and read one of my blog posts, it means so much!

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest and Instagram, I've found some great new favourites that I'd love to share. From favourite clothing pieces to my favourite Netflix discoveries, read on to see what I have been loving this month.

1. Zara light wash wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans have been an absolute must have for me this month. 1. They're very comfy (as jeans go) and 2. I think they look really laid back and effortless which is perfect for the minimalistic style that I adore!

2. Federico Mahora perfume scent 20 (Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb dupe) from @_thefragrancehut on Instagram, £15

I love this perfume so so much, I've had loads of compliments on it as well and the best part about it is that it was significantly cheaper than the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume and smells EXACTLY the same (tbh I actually prefer this bottle as it looks more minimal and 'Parisian' and we all know I'm a bit obsessed with Parisian looking things).

@_thefragrancehut on Instagram sells hundereds of designer inspired fragrances from all your favourite perfume brands, like Dior, Chanel, YSL, Lancôme, Mugler, Marc Jacobs and all the cult classics.

3. Wearing Headscarves as tops

I have recently hopped on the headscarf as a top trend and I'm so glad I did. When I first saw this idea I wasn't that fond of it as I thought it wouldn't suit me but after giving it a go I am officially in love *insert heart eyes*.

There are so many ways you can wear a headscarf than just a top, below you can see I have made 2 chic bags and a hair accessory out of just one piece of fabulous fabric! Check out my IGTV to see how I made these on @styleclicheblog or click here.

4. Elizabeth Arden Miracle Oil , £29

If you believe in miracles then you better believe that this oil will work wonders for you. I have been using the Elizabeth Arden Miracle Oil for just over a month and I love it so much, I apply it all over my neck in a upwards movement (to reduce aging) and my décolletage as well.

You can also use it as a hair oil for when your strands need a pick me up or to use after washing your hair to moisturise those split ends.

5. My favourite Youtube channels this month:

Shannon Lucy (Instagram - @shannonlucy_)

Not only is her Instagram feed to die for, but her Youtube channel is so chic and refreshing. I can't wait to see more videos from her because she's so bubbly, chatty and down to earth; it feels like you are talking to your friend about fashion. Her Zara hauls are my personal faves, as her immaculate taste in fashion ensures she picks out the best pieces off the website!

Clever & Chic (Instagram - @clever_and_chic)

If you love the psychology, analysis, history and secrets behind fashion then you will adore Clever & Chic's Youtube channel. Her videos are so well edited it feels like you are flicking through a issue of Vogue or watching a high fashion documentary, they are genuinely so interesting to watch and you absorb so much fashion knowledge.

Freddy My Love (Instagram - @Freddy)

Freddy has always been such a big role model to me for her chic and effortless girly style but also her kind and free spirited personality that make her outfits even more gorgeous! Her hard work ethic is clearly showcased through her videos which are filmed and edited beautifully, which by Freddy's standards is absolute perfection.

6. Shoulder bags

I don't think these little bags are going out of fashion any time soon as they are just so perfect for day to day wear and they look very high fashion and effortless. Inspired by the Fendi's iconic Baguette bag, shoulder bags have been on the top of my fashion love list this month.

At the moment I only have the one shoulder bag (far left) but I am definitely planning on buying another one in August, I would love to get one in the croissant style like on the far right, I'm getting all the Bottega Veneta vibes from them.

7. Banana & peanut butter on Ryvita

My current afternoon snack of choice is 2 Ryvita thins with peanut butter and sliced banana on top. Its a more healthier option than a chocolate biscuit and its VERY tasty!

8. St Tropez Bronzing Water Serum, £22

I bought this little serum of magic on whim in Boots one day for £14.67 on offer, after seeing In The Frow's Victoria MaGrath raving about how good it is and I can see why. If you love having a tan on your face but without the harmful UV risks, then you will love the St Tropez Bronzing Water Serum. It gives such a natural glowy tan and its really good if you don't wear makeup but you still want your skin to look healthy and full of life.

The thing I love about it is that you can protect your face while sunbathing but you can still look as though your face has caught some rays, without the damage.

9. My fashion inspirations this month

Only being able to pick a select few fashion inspirations is very hard for me this month as I have so many that this blog post would be very long! I follow some amazing accounts on Instagram that are killing the fashion game and forcing me to drain my bank account too (haha), but here is a roundup of my fashion inspiration favourites this July.

Kelsey Simone - I have loved her style for so long and it just keep getting better, I love all of the Parisian influences she brings into her style with class and a sense of modern youth. (@k.els.e.y on Instagram).

Emma Graceland - I have only recently discovered her Instagram but I absolutely adore her style its so fresh and girly and I'm trying to implement more 'cottage core' pieces in my wardrobe and she is great for the inspiration for that. (@emmagraceland on Instagram).

Hannah Whiting - I think her fashion is so girl boss inspired (she's definitely convinced me to buy an oversized blazer). I also love how she can take a simple outfit eg. a t shirt and a blazer and make it looks so interesting and bold with jewelry and accessories. (@imhannahwhiting on Instagram).

Matilda Djerf - The Swedish beauty has such a GORGEOUS sense of style that just looks so perfect and laid back, from the over sized shirts to baggy jeans, Matilda can make anything look chic and effortless. (@matildadjerf on Instagram).

10. Katy Keene, TV show (available on BBC iplayer or CW if you live in the US)

Despite being set in the same cinematic universe as Riverdale (don't click away just yet haha) Katy Keene is such a fun and fresh new TV show for fashion lovers and lovers of NYC for its all inclusive talent array. The show includes high fashion, musical talent, mystery, comedy and drag queens (yasss!).

I've really enjoyed binge watching the 1st series for its light-hearted tone, fun music, and interesting plot lines, all revolving around Katy Keene and her 3 flatmates in the dreamy big apple.

Katy Keene is available to watch on BBC iplayer if you live in the UK, or on the CW if you're from the US.


Thank you for reading, please share your July favourites with me in the comments or on my Instagram @styleclicheblog.

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