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The ultimate guide to shopping second hand online

When in doubt, shopping second hand is one of the best ways to be sustainable. Not only is it cheaper, but you can also find pieces that are one of a kind, just like you!

The main problem when it comes to sourcing second hand goodies is how to find the hidden gems. Many experience the horror of opening Depop only to find overpriced Y2K fashion or unseemly looking pieces that are completely the opposite of their style. Which raises the question, where are people finding the good stuff?

If you're wanting to find out how, read on for the ultimate guide to shopping second hand fashion online!

1. Keywords

The biggest problem people face when it comes to second hand shopping is knowing what to type into the search bar for what you want. For example, you may be a fan of the 70s resurgence trends, but whenever you type in '70's vintage' you are bombarded by overpriced clothes and nothing that takes your liking. This is where keywords come in.

Despite 'vagueness' being one of the main tips for second hand shopping, I think keywords can still help you find what you want. They are still vague enough so you will get a lot of search results, but niche enough to narrow down exactly what you're looking for. Here are some examples to start you off...

If you like vintage clothing, try searching:

• Psychedelic

• Emilio Pucci

• Halterneck

• Chica Rica

• Groovy

• Vintage mini skirt

• Crochet

• Vintage midi dress

• Penny lane

• Earth tones

• Maximalist

• Argyle

If you like Y2K or the funky/eclectic style, try searching:

• Lee jeans

• Low rise

• Custo Barcelona

• Angel blue

• Juicy Couture

• La Perla

• Vintage Victoria Secret

• Bustier top

• Bejewelled

• Geometric

• Per Una

• Hibiscus

• Keyhole top

If you like the Parisian or cottage-core style, try searching:

• Broderie anglaise

• Dainty floral

• Laura Ashley

• Vintage floral

• Rococo

• Praire

• Cashmere

• Tea dress

• For Love And Lemons

• Neon Rose

If you like the Scandinavian or pastel eclectic style, try searching:

• Long trench coat

• Men's suit set

• Djerf Avenue

• Pastel sweater vest

• Pastel knit jumper

• Silk scarf

• Cutout dress

• Lilly Pulitzer

• Chunky knit

• Matilda Djerf

• Dad trousers

2. Filters

It may seem pretty self-explanatory, but filters can be your best friend when it comes to refining your search. Whether you want to sort by 'lowest to highest' or your size and preferences, they can really mean the difference between finding your desired item or not.

3. Find which platform suits you best

Depending on what your looking for, some platforms will be more fitted to your search than others. I'd recommend trying your hand at all the second hand shopping platforms so you can form your opinion on each one. Here's a good selection:

• Depop

• Vinted

• eBay

• Thrift +

• Vestiaire Collective

• Esooko

• Poshmark

• Thred Up

Most of these platforms work on a search and find basis, but if you're wanting something more curated and bespoke, second hand small businesses may be more your thing. One of my favourites is @secondhandsophco on Instagram. You can also follow Depop businesses who curate the best vintage or reworked pieces for you, this way you don't have to do any searching at all!

4. Don't overhaul!

Overconsumption of second hand clothes is still overconsumption. It is important to remember that even when you are buying clothes already in circulation. So avoid impulse buying where possible, ask yourself if you actually need this piece in your wardrobe and try imagine 10+ outfits you can wear this item with.

5. Stay organised

This tip leads nicely on from the last one as you want to stay organised when you are shopping second hand. I would recommend having a list on your phone of things you want or have your eye on, this way you can prioritise the pieces you want and what to buy next. It can also help with impulse buying!

6. Patience

Online shopping in general can be time consuming enough when every website displays all the trendiest pieces in one space to buy them, but shopping second hand requires a bit more patience. So don't be disheartened if the clothing item you desire isn't magically on the first search page, you may have to do more digging. Even come back every other day to see if there's anything new.

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