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Where to find this year's trendiest A/W pieces

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Not only is autumn and winter many fashion lovers' favourite seasons, but it has seemed to be the most 'normal time' so far this year.

Lockdown made spring and summer blend into one blur of tie-dye, masks, lounge wear and dressing gowns, as Covid-19 bleached out what would of been the regular fashion calendar and outfits that many of us never got to wear (my prom dress is collecting dust as we speak).

Corona isn't gone yet, but this years Autumn/Winter trends aren't coming to play.

So many of us are dying for this season's trends of leather blazers, sweater vests, platform boots, trench coats and everything brown or tan coloured, but where are the best places to buy these gold dust pieces?

I've scoped out the trendiest and best places, both in store and online, to shop autumn/winter's closet this year, keep reading to see where!



This has been my new favourite thrifting destination because 1. there's a lot more of a selection as sellers can be all over the world, 2. less hassle than physically going into a charity shop, and 3. all from the comfort of your own home.

When thrifting online it's important that you are very specific with what you are searching for, its like the opposite of thrifting in real life because you go in with no expectations of what you can find, whereas on eBay some of the coolest/vintage pieces are only found if you are being very specific.

For example, using terms such as "vintage", "y2k" and specific brand names is really helpful for narrowing down your search. It also helps to filter out the irrelevant pieces.

Here some of the things I've found on eBay recently:


Is it even a surprise that Zara is featured in this post? Zara is the luxury with a high street price tag haven, and they seem to pull out all the stops when it comes to the colder months.

If you're not put off by the online store's editorial layout, or the crazy piles of clothes you have to scavenge through in store, Zara is the fashion addict's paradise.

Here's some of my favourite pieces from their A/W collection this year (with links)

Cable knit arm warmers £17.99

Tie dye tote bag £29.99

Denim jacket with contrast hem £49.99

Faux leather puffer jacket £49.99

Knit mini dress £25.99

Flat sock ankle boots with zip TRF £49.99


One of my new found faves is Arket, your go-to destination for basics and clothes that favour longevity and quality over 'trends'. Despite this being a blog post about places to buy A/W trends, Arket is the perfect medium as it combines pieces that will physically last you a lifetime with styles that will last a lifetime - think of it as Zara and H&M's little sister.

The brand also favours sustainability, the brand say it is a primary consideration in developing their brand and naturally incorporating it into all their processes.

Take a look at my favourite pieces on their website (with links)

Veja V-10 trainers £115 (made from ethically sourced and fairly traded leather and rubber)

Sheer merino wool roll-neck £45

Alpaca blend bip neck £69

Boucle overshirt £79

Belted alpaca and wool coat £190

Arket canvas tote £5

NAKD Fashion

NAKD is very popular on Instagram for their up-to-date and trendy pieces loved by so many; the site as an abundance of choice perfect for this Autumn and Winter.

Here's my selection (with links)

Wide belt blazer £56.95

Side slit structured skirt £40.95

Flared stripe pants £40.95

Green baguette bag £24.95

Beige belted jacket £72.95

Faux leather scrunchies £11.95


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