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Why repeating your outfits ISN'T a fashion sin

I think we're all guilty of the "I need a new dress for the weekend" situation, where we've run out of clothes to wear and dread to repeat an outfit

For the average gal this can be a major problem, and an even bigger problem for fashion bloggers and influencers alike. With fast fashion brands churning out new collections almost every week, most fashion fanatics are spoilt for choice when it comes to their night out attire.

I think a lot of us fear judgement from others in regards to fashion and will think "Oh no, I wore this dress last week, I love it so much but I can't wear it again, what if someone notices?". When in reality I don't think most people will notice unless they're keeping tabs on your outfit choices - most of the time people aren't going to be able to see your outfit under the stingy lights of your local bar.

Now you may be thinking I've made a point about why repeating your outfits in a night-time setting isn't all that bad, but what about day time outfits?

With the fashion community waking up to the topic of sustainability, it is becoming increasingly popular to invest in your basics and mix and match to your heart's content. I think apps like Tiktok and Instagram have definitely popularised this minimalistic, bold, block colour style which is great because it you were to repeat an outfit its harder to tell as your basic pieces enable you to repeat with ease. However Instagram and TikTok have also popularised haul culture and that we should be buying loads of new outfits all the time in order to stay fresh and be "on trend" in fear of repeating an outfit already worn or an outfit that was popular last month but not this month. This is totally not in favour of sustainability.

Repeating your outfits shouldn't be classed as a sin, instead it should be classed as your innate style. Take a note from Parisian women when it comes to fashion, they put more emphasis on style rather than trends and a personal style will stay with you for years rather than buying a new outfit every week or so.


Buying better and smarter will definitely help you in the long run in terms of outfit choices, if you invest in basics you can mix and match you will never run out of options for outfits, meaning you can repeat your outfits and not have a worry in the world. It will also save you a lot of dosh.

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